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Engravings Service: Pantograph, CO2 Laser and Nd-YAG Laser

We engraved, to individuals and business, with different technologies on any item of glass, wood, leather, leatherette, metal, acrylic, plastic, etc... As the majority of promotional items.

For a budget please contact us. We have the most modern techniques and machinery that enable us to provide a high quality and high productivity.

At present there are three engraving systems in which we specialize: Pantograph, CO2 Laser and Nd-YAG laser.

Pantograph Engravings

Pantograph engraving is the most traditional and ancient. However we have the most modern computer-controlled. Allowing engraved any logo and text with accuracy to the original design.

Exerting pressure works on the part to record, with an industrial diamond, along the outline of the logo and text, and can also fill the inside with parallel lines.

We currently use our pantographs for engraving commemorative plates, being, from our point of view, the most elegant for this job.

XYZ working area: 640 x 420 x 90 mm

CO2 Laser Engravings

Laser engraving and cutting wood, acrylic, plastic, marble, fabric and more. The continuous movement of the head, without constant starts and stops, yields better finishes.

XYZ working area: 635 x 458 x 165 mm

Nd-YAG Laser Engravings

2-axis galvanometer engraving, equipped with a laser Nd-YAG diode pumping, used in engraving materials such as stained glass, black granite, metal, plastic, etc...

By the features of ease of use, high quality, speed and flexibility, provides the possibility of application to a wide range of materials with different thicknesses, where multiple processes can be combined, such as engraving and marking.

We can get a very high speed engraving, reason for it can be used in large volumes of industrial production, such as packaging lines (code production, shipment numbers, production deadlines or dates, etc...).

Due to their easy use can also be used for small production runs when necessary a high level of flexibility, taking into mind the procedure of each production batch. In fact, we might modify logos and parameters of different types of materials to be processed.

Focus area: 115 x 115 mm
XYZ working area: 500 x 500 x 240 mm

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